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Identify the symptoms of nail fungus

Nail fungus can be acquired by warm and moist environments such as public baths, swimming pools and gyms. You can also get infected when they come into contact with objects contaminated by bacteria such as garden soil and decaying vegetation.

Regardless of where it comes from nail fungus, the most important thing is to be able to identify the symptoms of nail fungus infection as soon as possible so that treatment can be started immediately.

One of the first symptoms of nail fungus is discoloration on the surface of the nail. Nail fungus stains are usually yellow or Tan in the early stages. Usually, these appear as round spots somewhere in the middle of the nail, but in some cases, the discoloration can be seen in the form of streaks or stripes.

Fragility and chipping of the nails are also among the most common symptoms of nail fungus. If the nails start chipping with no apparent cause, this is a sure sign that fungal infection is about to spread on your nails.

You should make it a habit to inspect your nails every day, preferably after a bath, to see if there are any faults in their appearance. Nail fungus usually start in big toe but can start on other nails as well as your nails.

If you missed the first symptoms of nail fungus infection will surely have spread and the treatment required will be much more complicated. In just a few weeks after the onset of nail fungus, your fingernails or toenails will already be somewhat disfigured and there will be some pain, especially when wearing tight shoes and closed constantly.

Nail fungus symptoms or in its more advanced stages include the thickening of the nails. In some cases, the nail will grow so thick and disfigured that eventually will fall. By this time, your nails will already have turned into a brown or even black colour bad and may even emit a foul smell because of infection under the nail bed.

Immediate treatment is required if you are already experiencing these symptoms of nail fungus. High doses of oral medication will be required and you will have to undergo hours of treatment. If the condition is so advanced, even you might have to go for cosmetic surgery on the nail or nails.

These in-depth treatments will surely be a great inconvenience to anybody in terms of time and finances. That is why it is so important to watch out for the symptoms of nail fungus and treated before the infection worsens.

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