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Cancer and mobile phone radiation

The “Interphone” is the name of a multinational analysis on mobile phones and associated with risk of brain cancer (May 17, 2010). Combined examination and the results of the 13 countries participating in the Interphone study are published in the International Journal of Epidemiology “. Learn why there are more likely to get brain cancer after using a cell phone.

This study summarizes the data on radiation of mobile phones and associated cancer risk. Comments about brain tumors, including acoustic neuroma (a tumor composed of nerve tissue) and tumors of the Parotid gland. The use of heavy mobile data linked to a 40% increased risk of Glioma. The tumor would usually start on the side of the head that people keep their phone. If the person was right-handed, would begin behind the right ear. If the person was left-handed, would begin behind the left ear.

However, the definition of Interphone mobile phone use “heavy” is only half an hour of use per day. The average usage for people today is more than .5 hour. In addition, the phone must not be “in use” for this period of time. The fact that it is turned on and in your bio-field, means that you alter your body and immune system.

People are accustomed to surfing the net, using social media and even watch television on your smart phone. Several applications have been developed for users of smart phones. Many are nullifying the use of land line and switching to the phone only. This means that, as the use of mobile phones increases, so does the risk of brain cancer.

Another cause for alarm is the amount of radiation that we are subjected to from computer monitors laptop and desktops, portables, e-readers, playbooks and i-pad. Radiation safety standards are higher in most European countries. For example, the Swedish computer security standard is a maximum of 50 cm to 0.25 milligauss (approximately 20 inches) from your screen. Many us and Canadian screens emit 5-100 milligauss at that distance. There is some disagreement on what a “safe” is. Sweden suggested background reading of 2 milligauss. Other countries suggest 1 milligauss or not. The average time spent on the computer has increased dramatically, as the use of mobile phones. Children are more susceptible because their brain and immune systems are still developing. As the use of computers and handheld devices increases, so does the risk of brain cancer.

In 1989 the Department of energy reported that “has now become generally accepted that there are, in fact, biological effects due to field exposure from electromagnetic fields. It is not only the short-term effects that are obvious. Long-term studies are emerging now showing a higher risk of several cancers due to EMF exposure.

Short-term exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, fatigue, heart palpitations, compromised immune function, affect sleep, decrease the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment, cause skin rashes and reduce the physical and mental well-being.

Long-term exposure can lead to mutations, cancer and degenerative diseases of the brain.

We’re living in a world that is contaminated by ElectroSmog. Isn’t it time that we find radiation protection for ourselves and our children?

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